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                      POKE ME NOT PART 1

                            POKE ME NOT!

A child is born and we all wish that it would grow up to become a healthy adult and a responsible member of the society. But, for that to happen we have to give the child a healthy environment. But do we assess and protect the child as parents and society. I am writing this because on many occasions we fail to protect the child, which stifles its mental and physical health. We do not do enough research to find out from where the danger to the child lies.
  But I think the society in general and media in particular have failed to acknowledge the danger the homosexuals pose to children. Thus I have taken on myself to enlighten the society about it. What I am giving below is a very important modus operandi of the homosexuals to convert children into homosexuality and than claim from their rooftops that “homosexuality is innate and inborn”. Absolutely rubbish and nonsense.
The modus operandi that homosexuals use to convert a child into homosexuality or divert it towards homosexuality is as follows: -
  What these persons are, is that mostly these are respectable persons in the society, (who are generally married with children and are perceived as straight by others) in which they live, and are welcome in any home. They visit selected homes and whenever they are alone with a child, who is mostly a 0-4 years old child (but can be younger or older), they create a situation whereby they are alone with the child (like wanting tea or coffee etc.). They than insert their fingers in the child’s anus or anorectum and fondle with their genitals and body. They do it for whatever time they get. But one time is not enough to convert a child to homosexuality. They revisit the child over the next 2-3 years and repeat the procedure. In 10 -20 procedure times, the child is drafted into homosexuality.
  But, it has to be reinforced and this is usually done at school when a clearly homosexual child plays with such children and fondles with their penis or anus. They talk about anorectum and shit.
But the drafting is complete when in sexual age (usually above ten years), the delta sex of these children is lowered (sex drive is increased) by talk, small acts etc. and than a strong homosexual child or adult overpowers them and have homosexual sex with them. Now the conversion into homosexuality is complete and it’s almost impossible for such a child to come out of homosexuality. They repeat this act to reinforce. Other homosexuals around don’t allow the child to come out of this homosexual circle even if the child wanted to.
This is the mechanism by which homosexuals recruit others into homosexuality and increase their numbers.
 Now the important question is how to prevent this conversion into homosexuality. The simple method is never to allow anybody except the parents to touch the child, even the closest relatives. The relatives can talk and pat the child on the head but cannot take the child in their laps. Children should not be left with anybody alone and should be under the watchful eyes of their parents.
 When the children go to school, the child should be taught about such homosexual people, what a bad touch is and not to be alone with such children or others.
 In Sexual age, children should be taught about sex, what straight sex is and what is expected of them etc.

Thus, we see that homosexuality is not a matter of chance or birth but is an elaborate method, by which others are recruited into homosexuality, and once in this circle, they are not allowed to leave this circle.
Because children as young as less than a year are victims to this modus operandi of homosexuals and we know that such a child cannot talk. I know of children as young as 4 years to 8 years indulging in homosexual acts among themselves and with others, when homosexuals have used this modus operandi.
This homosexual modus operandi completely destroys the very core of child’s innocence and from the beginning such a child becomes the prisoner of homosexuality and homosexuals.
 To give an example, a few years back I was reading about Leonardo da Vinci, regarded by the homosexuals as the “ greatest whatever” of all times. In that, Leonardo da Vinci had clearly mentioned that he had nightmares and or remembrances, of bird pricking his anus with its beak. He was clearly remembering his childhood when some so called respectful visitor had come to his house and had poked his finger in his anus on repeated occasions. This was what Leonardo da Vinci was alluding to. This converted him into homosexuality and destroyed his intelligence and potential.
   In the end what Leonardo da Vinci was able to achieve is a few good paintings, one of which, his most famous, “Mona Lisa’ is the feminized version of his homosexual partner at that time.
 The truth is that homosexuals destroyed whatever potential Leonardo possessed in his childhood. When he grew up, all he could do was paint a few painting and sculpt a few naked men. There has seldom been a person who has achieved so little but has been credited with so much.
    It is difficult to calculate what Leonardo might have achieved if he was not homosexualized in his childhood. But it’s certain that his achievements would have been real and more than he was ever able to achieve as a homosexual. Leonardo is another excellent example of homosexual propaganda in which the homosexuals falsely propagate in the media a person’s great intelligence, when such a person is an overt homosexual. This is to attract others into homosexuality.
   Leonardo epitomizes both homosexual propaganda, and “poke method”  modus operandi of homosexuals, in which innocent children are grossly and shamelessly abused during childhood, their potential destroyed and what little they achieve is propoganded in the media and society as great intellect or whatever!
   To sit silently and turn a blind eye to this evil and cruel method of homosexuals, to convert children into homosexuality, is height of cowardice.
   We need to protect the children from homosexuals. In my opinion only the child’s parents have the right to cuddle the child. This should be made the rule and strictly enforced. No relative or otherwise should be allowed to cuddle the children. Children should not be left alone with others without the presence of parents. The children should be taught early (about 1 year) what a bad touch is.

In addition to the above Modus Operandi of homosexuals we must understand a very important scientific fact that humans have evolved on the planet Earth on different continental plates as different human species. Thus there are Human Babylonians, Human West Europeans, Human Africans, Human Asians, Human Australians, Human North Americans, Human South Americans who have originated and evolved on Mesopotamian continental Plate, West European continental plate, African continental plate, Asian continental plate, Australian continental plate, North American continental plate, South American continental plate respectively. These human species have different timelines of origin and evolution and differ genetically as well as culturally. 
Of these in Human Africans is present a very potent homosexual gene part associated with their Y chromosome and partly with the X chromosome. This Gene part is present in Human Asians and Human Australians but in a attenuated form. Because of this homosexual gene and the consequent culture they have developed, they use this anorectal poking method on their own children. This is their best kept secret. Because of this all Human Africans are homosexuals and similarly a significant proportion of Human Asians and Human Australians are also homosexual. Because it their intrinsic nature so they use it on children of other species also whenever they can. The migration of Human Africans and also Human Asians and Human Australians in the past two hundred years in general and last forty years in particular has led to a sharp rise in homosexuality around the world. Because wherever these people go they use this poking modus operandi on children wherever and whenever they can.
The only way to protect children in such places is to keep these people from children at all times and teach children about them. The uncontrolled migration of these people to civilised parts of the world should be checked and stopped immediately. They need to be walled off.
Protect the children from homosexuals, 
protect the future, 
and protect intelligence, 
save the child!
      This applies equally to both male and female children.


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Natural Method to Increase Libido

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Sometimes we tend to malign a few things without any conclusive scientific proof. Fructose is maligned and attributed as the cause of Insulin resistance, obesity, increased LDL ( Low Density Lipoprotein), increased triglycerides, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

    This insult to Fructose is in spite of the fact that Fructose is the first carbohydrate to be synthesised in the evolutionary chain and from which many other cellular components have been derived, for evolution to begin and than proceed.

  All these wrong attributes to Fructose are rather misplaced and Fructose can rightly be regarded as our friend. Any substance in very high quantities can be harmful to the body and so can Fructose. But to single out Fructose as the cause of so many diseases has no merit ( let Fructose alone, let it be).

 In spite of its pivotal role in the origin and evolution of life, Fructose has been replaced by Glucose as the energy currency of most living organisms.

  But still in humans, Fructose plays a very vital role in the procreation of the human species. Specifically Fructose is secreted by Seminal vesicles into the Semen, to provide nutrition to the sperms. This is because of the evolutionary role of the Fructose in the beginning of life, as it does today, catapulting the sperms to the ovum to begin new life, quite the same as it did billions of years back.

        Fructose is C6H12O6, just like Glucose but with a different structure. Its a simple ketonic monosaccharide, a 6 carbon polyhydroxy ketone. It combines with glucose to form Sucrose and is the sweetest carbohydrate.

            But apart from its nutritive role to the sperms, it performs another important sexual function. This sexual function is to increase the libido.

   I have defined Libido as the desire to have female-male sexual copulation which is backed by sufficient physical prowess so as to have as many times female-male sexual copulation as the mind wants. For this Libido definition to succeed in humans, one must have willing female-male sexual copulation partners, who have the necessary physical endowments to undergo as many female-male sexual copulations as they want.

   For the above to happen, male must be able to maintain erection for sufficiently long time to complete one set of female-male sexual copulation to satisfy both. Than again if the mind of the male or female wants to undergo another set of female-male sexual copulation, the female should be receptive and male should again have an erection for sufficient time to satisfy both.

  But climax involves the ejaculation of semen in male and vaginal fluids in female. Both semen and vaginal fluid contain fructose. Fructose not only provides nutrition to sperms but by its osmolar effect, attract water and increase volume of semen and vaginal fluid. This increased volume of semen and vaginal fluid, not only provides a swimming pool to the sperms to swim and float to the ovum but also provides fluid of ejaculation resulting in climax, resulting in a climax and a better and more enjoyable climax.

   Thus, fructose is necessary for climax and ultimate pleasure. But Fructose by imbibing fluids, distends the various vesicles and in the penis, scrotum, testes and clitoris, thus increasing the excitability of the penis and vagina.
     Hence, Fructose physically helps in erection and increasing libido.

  But, apart from direct physical effect, Fructose also stimulates the Limbic system in the brain, in humans, to cause greater sexual desire or libido.

  Thus, Fructose has  a psychogenic physical twin effect in increasing libido.

Though Fructose can be converted from glucose and others in the body but this quantity is limited because Fructose apart from genitalia is not needed much in the human body.

   But certain fruits, particularly fruits like Apple, Sapodilla (Chikoo), Grapes, Sugarcane, Pomegranate, Mango, Pears, red pulp inside Water Melon etc. have very good Fructose levels and is easily absorbed. These fruits provide absorbable Fructose which increases the libido. These fruits in addition may contain other stimulants to increase libido.

  Thus, if you want to increase your libido and have a comfortable competent female-male sexual copulation partner, these fruits are your best friends!

 Eat fruits
Increase libido naturally
Enjoy female-male sexual copulations!

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POKE ME NOT!A child is born and we all wish that it would grow up to become a healthy adult and a responsible member of the society. But for...

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The recent West Africa Ebola Virus epidemic was and is, not only massive but a very dangerous precedent in the management of such cases, epidemics in Africa in particular and the world in general.
By now, the world knows that Ebola virus is very dangerous, easily transmissible and Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is lethal in significant number of cases.
Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) or Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (EHF) is caused by Ebola virus, which is a member of Filoviridae (B Genera). It has five known important species, Zaire, Bundibugyo, Sudan, Reston, Tai Forest. Fruit bats of Pteropodidae family are known to be the carriers and vectors.
The transmissions occur through close contact with the blood, secretions, organs and other body fluids of infected animals such as chimpanzees, gorillas, fruit bats, monkey, and antelopes, Porcupines etc. It can be sexually transmitted through semen and breast milk.
The main clinical features of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) are fever, fatigue, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, impaired kidney and liver function tests, both external and internal bleeding (oozing from the gums, blood in the stools), leucopenia.
Its generally differential diagnosed with Malaria, Typhoid fever, and Meningitis.
But the aim of this article, even though partly is to educate the public about this deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), is much more. It aims to research ways to cure the disease and how to develop more effective vaccines than available, not only for Ebola but also for other such deadly diseases.
Now, in most cases of vaccine development, the antigen is circulated through human clone cells, horse serum, or cow serum. I think, this technique is essentially flawed, especially when dealing with diseases that have a base in Africa.

Now, though monkeys are present all around the world but animals like Gorilla, Chimpanzees are native to Africa. They also share a large percentage of their DNA with Humans, particularly Human Africans.
Because of this large sharing of common DNA with Human Africans, the Gorillas and Chimpanzees serve as very useful hosts to develop vaccines, particularly to infectious diseases originating in Africa.
But, a very important point to note is that Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is widely prevalent in the Gorillas and Chimpanzees of Africa, without proving lethal in most cases. This means that these animals are able to develop very active immunity against Ebola virus.
Since animals like Gorillas are very large in size and Chimpanzees are in plenty, Immune sera can be isolated from both Gorillas and Chimpanzees in sufficient quantities to treat infected cases and these can further be used to produce vaccines at a later date.
The hallmark of a good vaccine is that it produces sufficient immunity in the vaccinated person to protect it from infection. For this, the pathogenic antigen, in this case Ebola Virus antigen is first attenuated. This is done by putting it at lower temperature than human body, whereby it loses its pathogenicity at human temperature after many growth cycles.
But in Gorillas and Chimpanzees of Africa, we already have a host that by their immune system, attenuate the virus to produce sufficient antibodies but not the disease.
Thus, Gorilla and Chimpanzee sera will serve twin purposes. First, it will give us sufficient antibody sera to cure already infected Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) patients and second, it will provide the attenuated form of the Ebola Virus antigen, which can be used to develop meaningful and effective vaccines.
Once, the antibody sera treatment and Gorilla/Chimpanzee Ebola antigen produced vaccine proves effective in trials against Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in humans, than similar attempts can be made with other infectious diseases prevalent in Africa.
However, I must add that similar use of Gorillas and or Chimpanzees can be made for contagious diseases outside of Africa.
Another advantage of using Gorilla/Chimpanzee produced antibodies and antigen vaccine is that because of  the close proximity and sharing of DNA between Gorilla/Chimpanzees and Human Africans, its possible that it will confer immunity against related diseases and pathogens.
In the prevailing health care system in Africa, the above advantages that Gorilla/Chimpanzees derived antibodies and vaccine offer, cannot be neglected. Hence, its very important that immediate steps are taken to start producing such sera antibodies and antigen vaccines as I have described above. This will serve the situation of Africa best.
But, there are important lessons to be learnt from previous outbreaks of Ebola epidemics in Africa.
I will give the data in a preconceived and formatted form so that the reader can interpret the data in a meaningful way.
The Ebola outbreak originated and started near Ebola River in DR Congo, Yambuku. Congo is also known as Zaire.
In previous years, the Ebola outbreaks have affected central Africa, with DR Congo, Uganda and South Sudan being majorly affected.
The present epidemic which has consumed more than 8304 lives and more than 21121 cases with 13408 of them confirmed, has been mostly hovering over west Africa, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia. This is very different from previous infections. The culprit species of Ebola in the present West Africa (Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia) epidemic is the Zaire species, which is the most virulent and lethal of all Ebola virus species.
Now, I will take up Case Fatality Rate (CFR) in previous epidemics. The Case Fatality Rate (CFR) is the number of confirmed cases who have died of a particular infection, generally expressed as a percentage.
For the previous majorly affected countries, the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) are as follows:
CONGO: 88% in 1976 caused by Zaire species; 100% in 1977, one case, caused by Zaire species; 81% in 1995, caused by Zaire species; 75% in 2001-2002 caused by Zaire species; 90% in January-April 2003, caused by Zaire species; 83% in November-December 2003, caused by Zaire species; 83% in 2005, caused by Zaire species, 71% in 2007, caused by Zaire species, 44% in 2008, caused by Zaire species; and 51% in 2012, caused by Bundibugyo species.
UGANDA: 53% in 2000, caused by Sudan species; 25% in 2007, caused by Bundibugyo species; 100% in 2011, one case, caused by Sudan species; 71% in 2012, caused by Sudan species; and 57% in 2012, caused by Sudan species.
SUDAN: 53% CFR in 1976, caused by Sudan species; 65% CFR in 1979, caused by Sudan species; 41% CFR in 2004, caused by Sudan species.
GABON: 60% CFR in 1994, caused by Zaire species; 68% CFR in January-April 1996, caused by Zaire species; 75% CFR in July-December 1996, caused by Zaire species; 82% CFR in 2001-2002, caused by Zaire species.
From the data above and other data presented by the WHO and other health organizations, it’s clear that many times more people are infected with Ebola Virus than those who actually develop the disease. And, of those diseased patients, only a certain percentage die, others are saved.
This is very significant data in so far as my assertions in the use of Gorillas/Chimpanzees is concerned for the production of a viable anti sera treatment and a viable vaccine for preventive purposes.
The Case Fatality Rate or CFR does not show us actually how many people got infected and how many developed the disease. But I have used other reliable sources to come to the conclusion that in all epidemics of Ebola that have taken place, a very large population got infected with the Ebola virus, but of these a very small fraction actually got the disease and still a fraction of it actually died.
The reason I believe the above given statistical prevalence of  Ebola infection, disease and CFR to be true is that more near the DNA of humans is to Gorilla, better protected it is from Ebola virus. It also means that further your DNA matching is with the Gorilla/Chimpanzee DNA, more likely it is that your Ebola infection will become a disease and may result in fatality.
Hence, because of the above reason, it is imperative that Ebola virus is not allowed out of Africa. The results will be catastrophic. Rest of the world population has no protection against Ebola virus and will develop the disease in almost 100% cases and the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) can be as high as close to 100%.
The above facts have important lessons in the management of Ebola virus epidemic now prevailing in West Africa. However, countries and organizations should continue to provide financial, medical, logistic support but it won’t be wise to allow non-African medical personnel to be in the Ebola epidemic zone. There are a large number of countries in Africa, who are unaffected by the present Ebola epidemic and have a reasonable size of trained medical personnel. These trained medical personnel should be used wisely in the Ebola epidemic zone. Non-Africans should be banned from going to this Ebola epidemic zone.
A selected group of medical personnel from Africa can be brought to Europe, America etc., trained in a short course, and provided all the equipment. They can than proceed to the Ebola epidemic zone for managing the patients.
Under the circumstances and facts I have been able to research, the above course of action is the wisest and the best.
But, what to do with actual patients who have the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). At present, there is no treatment.
I suggest the following treatment protocol for diagnosed and suspected Ebola Virus Disease (EVD):
*Intravenous fluids as necessary
*ORS as necessary
*Injection Tetanus Toxoid 0.5 ml intramuscular in all cases
*Tablet ACICLOVIR 800mg BD x 15 days in all cases
The treatment can be extended by another one month in very severe cases.
All precautions should be taken to maintain the highest standards of hygiene in the hospital. This should include providing isolation room to each single patient and starting the treatment at the earliest, even without the confirmation of the disease.
In some very severe cases, even higher doses of ACICLOVIR, up to 1600mg twice daily can be used.
But it’s important that the treatment is started at the earliest and completed until cure without any exception. This is the only way to contain and cure the present Ebola virus epidemic.
However, ethical concerns are an issue here. There are many more Africans who are infected by Ebola virus but never develop the disease. It’s my surmise that similar to Gorillas and Chimpanzees, the immune system of these people produces enough antibodies to contain the Ebola virus infection. In addition, it’s my surmise that the Ebola virus is attenuated because of this antibody attack.
If a consensus can be reached, than sera from such persons can be used to cure Ebola virus disease patients. Also, because Ebola virus is much attenuated in these persons, it can be isolated to be used for making an effective vaccine against Ebola virus.
The above program is very important and if it can be done under high ethical standards, has the potential to provide both the cure and the vaccine. Thus, Human attenuated Ebola virus can provide the vaccine and Human generated Ebola anti sera can provide the cure. Both are within the grasp of human science and present levels of technology.
Have a healthy day!

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When a doctor wants to treat a patient, it must know the disease and hence needs to make a diagnosis. In many cases the diagnosis can be made on clinical grounds with relevant investigations to confirm it. In many cases a differential diagnosis has to be made and the possibilities confirmed again by relevant investigations.

    But in many countries with very high populations like India and China, there is lot of pressure on the health care system. Doctors have much lesser time to the patient than in less populated countries. Diagnosis has to be made in a short time. For this I am giving the following scheme to make a quick and relevant diagnosis.

     A pre prepared form should be attached to each patient with space for name, age, gender, short clinical history, relevant positive physical findings and investigations to be done.

      What this will do is to save time and the investigator (Biochemist or Radiologist or Pathologist) can investigate and concentrate on the most important factors. This will make the diagnosis truer and more clinical.

   To give an example, in a case of suspected pulmonary Koch’s the form or card should read as:

 Name                                                 Age                 Gender
 History: Cough 1 month, fever 1 and half months
 Physical Examination: Bilateral crepitation in apical region

The card can be in multiple so that each investigator receives one card with the investigation asked for. In the above example the card can be in triplicate, one sent for X ray to the radiologist so he/she can focus on the apical region in X ray. One to the Microbiologist for sputum for AFB. One to the biochemist for ELISA for TB.

    Thus a small card can make the diagnosis easier and can be confirmed by biochemist, radiologist and microbiologist.
    This is a good way to remove the pressure on the overworked investigators and doctors and will help in a quicker diagnosis. The diagnosis will be more relevant and treatment and management of patient more clinical and easier.

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                    SUDDEN CARDIAC DEATH

For the purposes of this discussion I have defined Sudden Cardiac Death as “ a sudden cardiac attack, which leads to death without a prior history of any major cardiovascular complaint”.

 In the past I have read reports of a few footballers dying of sudden cardiac death while playing. The mechanism is unknown. I sat out to investigate. Here are the result.

   The SinoAtrial(SA) node is the cardiac pacemaker. The AtrioVentricular(AV) node helps in conduction of impulses between the Atrium and ventricle. There is a bundle of nerve fibers which connect the musculature of the heart to these nodes. Even in normal persons such SA, AV nodes and AV bundles are very sensitive. They need to conduct and work throughout the life of a person.

   But in patients of sudden cardiac death, the SA node, AV node and AV bundle is hypersensitive and labile. In normal conditions, they work well. But if such a person is exposed to very high levels of toxins like alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, LSD, heroin etc., these toxins accumulate in the SA node, AV node and AV bundle making them very labile and unstable.

     This accumulation may or may not lead to any harmful effect in normal conditions. But if such a person puts in extra exertion in the next few days, the toxins hyper stimulate the SA node, AV node and AV bundle causing cardiac arrhythmias. Such arrhythmia particularly ventricular arrhythmias can lead to sudden cardiac death.

    Thus sudden cardiac death can be seen as a toxic manifestation of extra sensitive and labile SA node, AV node and AV bundle system. This can also be seen as a response of these hypersensitive parts of the heart to accumulated toxins in the blood to which these parts of the heart are exposed.

     Thus as a precaution all persons should avoid heavy intake of alcohol, nicotine, LCD, Cannabis, Heroin etc. before they undergo any physical exertion. This is particularly advisable to sportspersons for whom physical exertion is a professional hazard. They must test themselves for hypersensitivity to such drugs and avoid them if found hypersensitive to them. But as a general precaution all sportspersons should avoid such drugs before any sporting event when by default they are most excited and physically stress themselves the most.

     Even non-sportspersons must not expose themselves to any of these drugs before they do any amount of moderate to high physical exertion. Since the amount of physical exertion, which can lead to sudden cardiac death, can vary from person to person, people are advised to refrain from taking such drugs before any physical exertion either indoor or outdoor.

    There are many situations in which toxins may accumulate in the body. Such situations can include gastroenteritis, food poisoning, severe respiratory tract infections etc. In such a situation such accumulated toxins can concentrate to make the SA node, AV node and AV conducting tissue even more unstable and labile. In such cases even smaller doses of alcohol, nicotine etc. can lead to fatal ventricular arrhythmias due to cumulative toxicity.

    Thus patients suffering from such infections are advised to refrain from taking alcohol, nicotine, cannabis etc. This will protect them from sudden cardiac death. Bed rest is also advised in labile and unstable patients.
Avoid alcohol before playing
Avoid nicotine before playing
Avoid cannabis before playing
Avoid infections before playing
Avoid sudden cardiac death!

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In most medical literatures, Sinusitis is defined as inflammation of the lining of the sinuses (mucous membrane + epithelium+ connective tissue layer).

 In most cases, the sinuses, which are affected, are the maxillary sinuses, present below the eye sockets, frontal sinuses present in your forehead on either side, ethmoid sinuses present between the bony part of roof of nose and orbits.
These sinuses are hollow cavities in the skull. Their function is to lighten the weight of the skull and also act as resonators to impart special quality to the voice of the person.    

  Also all sinuses are connected to the nasal cavity either directly or indirectly. But this also means that various allergens and infections of the nose and mouth can make their way into the sinuses through these connections. But this connectivity of the nose and mouth with the sinuses also imparts a very important modus operandi to the etiology of sinusitis.

     Most medical literature describes sinusitis as infective with some cases described as allergic or autoimmune. Most also describe sinusitis as either acute when inflammation lasts for less than 3 months and chronic when it lasts for more than 3 months. Also viral sinusitis is described as healing within 10 days and bacterial sinusitis lasting more than 10 days.

     But when I started my research on sinusitis, I came to mixed conclusions, which I am presenting in front of the readers.

      In my study I found that almost all cases of sinusitis have an underlying allergic etiology. This means that in most cases of sinusitis, one or the other allergen induces an allergic reaction in the lining of the sinuses. This causes from mild to moderate (sometimes severe) inflammation in the lining of the sinuses.

     We must also understand that mouth, including teeth, is harboring all sorts of bacteria and viruses. Normally they are kept in check by the immunity of the person. But due to exposure to particular allergens, an allergic reaction against the allergen or allergens ensues and the body’s immune cells and antibodies are diverted to fight these allergens. This decreases the person’s fighting capacity against and to control microorganisms present in the mouth and nose.

     Now an inflamed mucus is very good for anchoring, harboring and for growth of microorganisms present in the mouth and environment.
    So when allergens (like dust, cold, food, drugs, bacterial toxins etc.) has decreased the immunity of the person, particularly in the mouth, these microorganisms multiply to greater number and migrate upwards from mouth into the nose and from there into the sinuses. Also microorganisms from the nose can directly migrate to these inflamed sinuses through sinus openings in the nose.

      Thus depending on the microorganisms in excess in the mouth and nose or in the environment, the microorganisms invading the sinuses can be either bacterial, viral or both.
Also a sinus with more inflammation or immune response is more likely to be the home for these invading microorganisms.

   Thus almost all cases of sinusitis have an allergic reaction as the underlying cause, which helps in inflammation of the sinuses and proliferation of microorganisms in the mouth, nose and invasion from the environment. This is the real etiology of sinusitis.
Once we have understood that the basic underlying cause of sinusitis is an allergic reaction to an allergen to which a person is exposed, the treatment of sinusitis becomes easier.

   The first step to curb sinusitis and stop its recurrence is to stop the exposure of the patients to allergens to which they are sensitive. For this, a study by rotational and sequential exposure to common, and than uncommon allergens to the persons are tested. The allergen sensitivity is found out and
the patient advised means to stop being exposed to such allergens. This is the most important step. Steps like wearing a face mask, avoiding sensitive foods, environment and situations can all be helpful once the culprit allergen or allergens are found out by the above investigation.

    In already existing sinusitis, apart from above study, proper antibiotics need to be prescribed for a minimum of 5 days. Amoxycillin+ clavaulinic acid, ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin etc. along with Metronidazole can all be effective.

      In addition I prescribe Tetanus Toxoid 0.5 ml stat, followed by a minimum 5-day antibiotic course as described above. Also prescribe antihistamines like Pheniramine 25 mg, chlorpheniramine 4 mg, cetrizine 10 mg, or levocetrizine in appropriate doses twice daily in accordance with the weight of the patient (including children).

    In cases where allergens cannot be identified or cannot be completely avoided and the patient continues to be exposed to allergens, low dose steroids should be prescribed like prednisolone .03 mg/kg or its equivalent of other steroids.

     To prevent resistance to steroids, such low dose steroids should be prescribed intermittently, say for one week, than a gap of 3 to 5 days, than one week, than gap and so on.

   Also certain anatomical anomalies of face like DNS(deflected nasal septum) predisposes a person to allergic reaction much more and in such cases also, such anomalies should be corrected by appropriate surgical means to better the outcome for such patients.

    Other anatomical anomalies may   include polyps, which should be removed by appropriate surgical means.

     To relieve stuffiness and congestion, normal saline (either market one or prepared at home) drops should be instilled in the nasal cavity at least twice a day.

    Another way to relieve symptoms in sinusitis is to boil Eucalyptus leaves and inhale the vapors. It contains natural decongestants and steroids in small amounts, appropriate for most cases of sinusitis. Such an inhalation can be done at a time when the symptoms of sinusitis are at its worst. Extract can also be prepared and commercial sprays prepared.

In addition, I have found that boiling Pine cones which have fallen down and inhaling its vapours has a very good decongestant effect and which is long lasting as well. Pine cone does seem to have its own anti-microbial properties, which are very beneficial in Sinusitis. Thus cases which have become resistant to Eucalyptus inhalation can try Pine cone inhalation as a replacement or even as primary inhalation.

     Also since Trigeminal cranial nerve gives sensory supply to sinuses and duramater (outer brain covering), so sinusitis leads to headaches. Such headaches should be relieved by appropriate analgesics like diclofenac, ibuprofen in appropriate doses SOS or when the headache occurs.

    Another useful preventive and curative method is to undergo immunization against all common sinusitis causing bacteria and viruses like haemophilus influenza, Streptococcus pneumonia, and appropriate viruses where available.  My research indicates that vaccination even in adults is advantageous and must be done in all cases of sinusitis.

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                         BEAUTY IS SKIN DEEP

Some say that beauty is skin deep but is it? May be not. Beauty is a complex of various physical attributes of which skin is a part combined with mental attributes, which makes a person look beautiful to other persons. But we must admit that apart from face, height and figure, skin is a very important factor, when we calibrate the beauty of a person.

    Skin can be of various textures and colors. Both determine, how much beautiful we consider a person to be. A smooth skin is more attractive than a wrinkled or rough skin. Similarly skin color also determines a person’s attractiveness. This is because white color reflects light the most apart from mirror. Because we receive more reflected photons from a white skin, we are able to make more details of the person. More photons mean more excitation of the retina and consequently the brain. Thus in most cultures, white skin is considered more attractive than darker skin because of the above given reasons.

    Darker the skin, more the absorption of ambient light and lesser the reflection. This means less reflected photons are received by the observer and consequently it registers less details of the observed person. Also because the observer receives less reflected photons, its retina and consequently its brain is stimulated less.

     Thus lighter skin means more details and more excitation to the brain and the observer finds such a light skin person more exciting.
     Now less us consider the grades of skin color. Skin color can be graded from albino white to very dark. Even albino white is not completely white and there are shades in it but for human purposes can be considered top white. Now there are problems in determining top black because a perfectly black body absorbs all light falling on it. In humans we do not find such black. All black humans reflect some light and consequently excite the retina and brain to a degree.

    But the problem with very white is that you cannot observe such a person for very long as it starts to hurt the eyes because of over excitation of the retina and consequently the brain. So a notch lower white is acceptable because we can watch such a person for more prolonged periods of time.

      But if we grade albino at 1 white and the most black person on earth at 10. Than most humans will consider 3 to 5 range of whiteness as most attractive according to skin color. This is because such 3 to 5 range whiteness reflects sufficient light photons to see the details of the observed person and also excites the person’s brain.

      Thus if a person is in the 3 to 5 whiteness range, there is no purpose of using tanning creams and tanning. They are already the most attractive with regard to skin color. If they want to further beautify themselves, they must look at other aspects of beauty.

     Another aspect of tanning and tanning creams is that it cannot be uniformly done over the whole body. Those parts covered with clothes receive less sunlight and consequently remain lighter. Also we cannot apply an equal thickness of tanning cream over the body. The different thickness of cream applied, means they receive different amounts of sunlight, and consequent to such tanning becomes spotted, instead of being equally tanned all over.
     Another interesting aspect of sun tanning is that, naturally white people do not have the DNA to withstand tropical and direct sun. Tanning leads to breakdown and mutation of skin DNA leading to skin cancer. Thus though such white people can acquire tanned skin but they do not have the DNA to withstand prolonged direct sunlight. Black people have different skin DNA that can stand to tropical and direct sun, are consequently protected naturally.

     Thus my advice to white people is to avoid direct sunlight for tanning. If your white range is below 3, than slow tanning over many years without the use of tanning creams will give better outcome than quick tanning and tanning creams.

     Also direct sunlight on white skin destroys elastin tissue in the skin creating wrinkles and its consequent ugliness.

      Thus most white people do not require tanning and should avoid it unless absolutely necessary.

Stay natural and stay healthy

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          Different medical books define Hypertension differently. But generally most define it as blood pressure above 120 mm mercury systolic and 80 mm mercury diastolic. Also most describe that with increasing age, the normal blood pressure considered also rises.

     I give a slightly definition of Hypertension. I define hypertension as blood pressure, which will begin to have a deleterious effect on the cardiovascular system. The Cardiovascular system includes the heart, arteries and veins. Thus according to my definition of hypertension, even blood pressures lower than 120/80 mm Hg can be considered hypertension if it adversely affects the cardiovascular system of the body.

   To give an example. Suppose an obese person has a blood pressure of 120/80 mm Hg. But because of fatty deposition and atherosclerosis, his arteries and heart are already undergoing damage and this normally normal blood pressure of 120/80 mm Hg causes damage to its cardiovascular system and is to be considered hypertension in such cases.

      Thus according to my definition, it’s the ability of prevailing blood pressure to inflict damage on the cardiovascular system, which defines a blood pressure as hypertension.

       But statistical studies show us that in a normal weight healthy person, 120/80 mm Hg or below blood pressure is normal blood pressure, as it does not cause damage to the cardiovascular system.

     Thus according to my definition of hypertension, hypertension is to be defined in relation to the health condition of the person as regards its ideal weight, blood cholesterol and blood HDL (High Density Lipoprotein).

    As the weight of the person increases as compared to its ideal weight or its blood cholesterol and HDL content rises above normal, the ability of blood pressure to inflict damage on the cardiovascular system increases. Greater the weight increase and or blood cholesterol, HDL content, the greater is the ability of blood pressure to cause damage to cardiovascular system, and in such persons lower is the blood pressure at which it should be defined as hypertension.

     To give another example, at 6 feet 6+ inches, 86 kg weight and 31 inch waist, I have a blood pressure of 106-110/70 mmHg which is absolutely normal.(slightly lower BP is compensated by slightly higher heart rate of 80 to 85 per minute in a person of my athletic abilities to provide blood to my brain nearly 2 m above ground!). But suppose my weight was to increase to 110 Kg and waist of 35 inches, than even a blood pressure of 120/80 mm Hg in me will do considerable damage to my cardiovascular system and would be regarded as hypertension.

     The above discussion also implies that to prevent cardiovascular damage, we must control blood pressure at lower limits in persons with higher body weight than ideal and or higher blood cholesterol and or HDL levels than normal. Hypertension aggravates other causes of 'Sudden Cardiac Death'.

     In view of above information I advise a normal weight, normal cholesterol, normal HDL level person to keep blood pressure below 120/80 mm Hg. For a person above ideal weight, for every 10 Kg above ideal, the blood pressure should be decreased 5 mm Hg for both diastolic and systolic. Similarly for every 20% higher blood cholesterol and or blood HDL above normal, the blood pressure should be maintained 5 mm Hg below for both diastolic and systolic blood pressures.

        Keeping blood pressure within limits as I have described above will protect the cardiovascular system to levels found in an ideal weight, normal cholesterol and or HDL level person.

     The above discussion assumes exclusion of other risk factors like smoking, stressful lifestyle, genetic susceptibility and other cardiovascular risk factors.

     I advise regular weight, blood cholesterol, and HDL and blood pressure measurements. Please check your doctor for the appropriate antihypertensive if your blood pressure is above the above prescribed limits.

Have ideal weight
Have normal blood cholesterol
Have normal HDL
Have normal blood pressure
Enjoy healthy food
Enjoy stress free lifestyle
Have a nice life!

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                          DENTAL CARIES

 Dental caries is the infection of the teeth, bacterial in origin and generally presenting as toothache and cavitation  along with discoloration or patches on the teeth and foul odor.

  Socially, Dental caries is not a good disease to carry because of bad breath it causes, which can drive away persons during social interaction. It can be a inhibitor of kissing, because the lover in spite of being in love  might be too repulsed by the bad odor to approach the lover and be cosy. Thus it's very important that Dental caries is prevented and if it's present, is treated.

   I won’t be delving too much into technical aspects, but some background information is important.  The teeth are covered by a tough layer called enamel, specifically meant to protect the teeth and prevent Dental caries. Enamel is a hard surface covering, composed of minerals especially hydroxyapatite, which becomes soft and soluble when exposed to acidic medium.
     Dentin and Cementum are other constituents of teeth but less strong than Enamel with less mineral content.

   Saliva is a substance secreted by the salivary glands like the Parotid gland, Submandibular gland, Maxillary glands and is alkaline and helps in maintaining alkaline medium in the mouth, which protects the teeth and also helps us in swallowing (deglutition ) of food.

 Thus, for infection of the teeth to take place, its essential that Enamel is broken down or weakened, which is greatly facilitated by acidic environment in the mouth.

  The acidic medium in the mouth can be the result of low or faulty saliva formation, which decreases alkalinity of mouth and increases acidity of the mouth. The acidity of mouth can further be increased by the formation of lactic acid from carbohydrates entangled in the teeth by the action of certain bacteria like Streptococci, Lactobacilli, which are mainly responsible for the Dental caries.

   Though weakening of enamel by the action of acidic medium in the mouth is widely accepted as the basic mechanism for the formation of Dental caries but there are differing theories as regards how the actual bacterial invasion of the teeth takes place.

     My Dental caries theory is markedly different from others. I believe  that microscopic canals are first formed in the enamel due to the action of acidic medium in the mouth, which are sufficient to permit the bacteria to invade the teeth. Once inside the tooth, the bacterial action is catalyzed and the size of microscopic canals continue to increase until they become macroscopic and finally cavities are formed which are the hallmark of Dental caries.

  Once the stage has progressed from the macroscopic canals to tooth cavity, the tooth is largely Unsalvageable. But if proper treatment is started at the microscopic or even macroscopic canal level, the tooth can be salvaged and saved. Thus all efforts should be made to diagnose Dental caries early and treat it as well to prevent the formation  of macroscopic canals.

    First I will discuss preventive modalities. Prevention is simple. Never allow any carbohydrates to remain in the mouth after eating. Rinse your teeth and mouth properly with water even after the smallest feed.  After each feed big or small, take water (clean) in the mouth, rub it on the teeth with your fingers and between teeth and than throw it out. Repeat it 2 – 3 times or till such time you feel fresh in the mouth and make sure that no carbohydrate or food particles are entangled in your teeth.

   Brush your teeth at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at  bed time, with a tooth paste which produces enough detergent effect to take out the food particles from between the teeth. If the tooth paste is fluoride medicated, all the better.

     Much of the time these simple measures should be sufficient to prevent the formation of Dental caries. But due to overwhelming reasons Dental caries can develop or if it has already developed before you start practicing these preventive steps. For this I am prescribing a treatment for Dental caries which is both curative but can be taken prophylactically every 3 months or so.

           Capsule Amoxycillin 500 mg +cloxacillin   1 twice daily

           Tab. Metronidazole 400 mg 1 twice daily

                                                           X 5 days

For pain one can take Tab. Ibuprofen 400 mg 0r Tab Diclofenac 50 mg twice or thrice daily.

An alternative treatment is

    Tab. Ciprofloxacin 500 mg 1 twice daily

     Tab. Metronidazole 400 mg 1 twice daily

                                                                   X 5 days

If your weight is less than 45 kg, the Ciprofloxacin dose is halved to 250 mg twice daily for 5 days and rest as above.

There are good mouth washes available like the chlorhexidine mouth wash which can be tried for a week every 3 months as prevention and with above prescribed medication.

  Dental caries does not isolate itself to the mouth, bacteria from Dental caries foci can spread to the heart and can destroy the valves or even cause endocarditis. Thus all cases of Dental caries should be rigorously treated as prescribed above and preventive steps taken to prevent its development.

    Prevent Dental caries
     Treat Dental caries
     Prevent pain in the heart
      Enjoy a good kiss!

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    Though traditionally Anemia is defined  either as a decrease in number of red blood cells or the decrease in hemoglobin levels below a predetermined level, generally 10g/dl (is 11 in children,12 in females and 13 in males) but since the most important purpose of blood is to carry oxygen, I am giving a different definition.

    “Anemia can be defined as the decrease in oxygen carrying capacity of blood, either less red blood cells or decreased hemoglobin, which result in clinical signs and symptoms in the person’

     This can be called the clinical definition of Anemia and the diagnosis can be made clinically. The person gives history of symptoms which can include shortness of breath (dyspnea), muscular weakness, chest pain, palpitations, fatigue, dizziness.
        Some signs which can be elicited include paleness of skin, cold touch of skin, low blood pressure,  etc.

Any of the above can be present in different cases of Anemia in various permutations and combinations. But a sign which can be elicited both by the person and clinician is the degree of paleness of palpebral conjunctiva color which should generally be diffuse red or deep pink. Lesser the hemoglobin levels in the blood, the more pale the color.

Red ----------dark pink------pink-------faint pink-----yellow white --------pale white--------dead white

This corresponds to
Adequate hemoglobin    -------------less---------------low hemoglobin

Once a diagnosis of Anemia is made, reason is to be found and treated. Here I am interested in discussing Anemia due to deficiency of Iron in particular, but at times can be due to vitamin B12 and or folic acid deficiencies. This can be called Nutritional Anemia.

    For all Anemia due to Iron deficiency, which is the commonest cause of Anemia, Iron replacement is done by giving Iron through various Iron formulations. Plenty are present in the market. But before analyzing these Iron formulations, we will list some foods which taken sufficiently can prevent Nutritional Anemia and can help in faster recovery of Anemia.

   Some foods rich in both Iron and vitamin B12 are shellfish (cooked clams),oysters, liver(beef), fish, crustaceans, soy products, red meat(beef), cheese, eggs, nuts, dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, dark chocolate and cocoa powder, dried herbs, spirulina, caviar, sun dried tomatoes.

   Some fruits and vegetables rich in Iron are sun dried potatoes, dried apricots, spinach, coconut, olives, raisins, asparagus, broccoli, pears, dried figs, dried apples, raw mulberries, raw tamarind, raw garlic, raw kale etc.

  Some folic acid rich foods are yeast extract, liver, dried herbs, sunflower seeds, dry soybeans, dark leafy greens, bean sprouts, peas, asparagus, peanuts.

   Next I am going to discuss the various Iron formulations available in the market and their efficiency in ameliorating anemia.

    An important conclusion I came up after studying the various Iron formulations available in the market is that larger the size of the drug molecule carrying iron, lesser its absorption and hence its bioavailability  in general. Thus I found that smaller sized Iron carrying drug molecules are better for Iron replacement than larger sized iron carrying drug molecules.

      I am giving the most efficient Iron formulation first along with its relative compound mass followed by next efficient Iron formulation  and best compound available in some cases and so on.

Elemental Iron (fe) > Iron hydroxide (Fe2 ,18) > Iron polysucrose complex (Fe 38) > Ferrous sulphate (Fe 96) >Iron dextran (Fe 98)( used parentally) > Iron  fumarate (Fe 114) > Iron succinate (Fe 116 or Fe 118) > Iron protein succinylate (Fe 158) = Iron hydroxide polymaltose complex (Fe 158 ) ( C12H14Fe)  > Colloidal Iron hydroxide (Fe 172) > Iron ammonium citrate (Fe 207) > Iron Ascorbate (Fe 209) > Iron Choline citrate (Fe 293) > Iron feredetate (Fe 311) > Iron gluconate (Fe 314 ) > Iron Carbonyl (Fe 438)

   Ferrous sulphate (FeSO4) is commonly used in developing countries as its easy to prepare and cheap. But it gives only 20% elemental Iron. Another drawback I was able to find was that in the stomach, where Hydrochloric acid is present, in some conditions it reacts with it to produce Sulphuric acid, which is stronger than hydrochloric acid and causes erosion of the stomach and later duodenum to cause gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

     FeSO4 + 2 HCl    =     FeCl2 +  H2SO4

       Thus Ferrous sulphate though cheap is not acceptable Iron replacement formulation.

     From above its very clear that Elemental Iron is the best replacement for Iron in the body followed by Iron hydroxide.
       Because Iron has a corrosive action on mucosa, so Iron capsules which release Iron compounds in the stomach are far better than tablets which under certain conditions  can release Iron in the mouth and oesophagus causing apthous ulceration.
       Thus capsules of purely elemental Iron are the best treatment for Iron deficiency Anemia and 100 milligrams elemental Iron per capsule is ideal to be taken twice a day about 1 to 2 hours after meals. This decreases almost all side effects of Iron tablets and hence is highly recommended.

   Because in many cases Iron deficiency is accompanied by vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiency, each capsule of elemental iron can be fortified by 100 micrograms of vitamin B12 and 1 mg of folic acid. Together this fortified Iron –B12- folic acid capsule has more chances of patient compliance and treating Iron than Iron alone.

 My findings are very different and sometimes contrary to scientific literature presented by companies producing Iron formulations, but my method and scientific explanation for the grading is better, valid and logical.

      May Iron deficiency Anemia be cured !
                          Copyright       Tanvir Nebuchadnezar