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                    SUDDEN CARDIAC DEATH

For the purposes of this discussion I have defined Sudden Cardiac Death as “ a sudden cardiac attack, which leads to death without a prior history of any major cardiovascular complaint”.

 In the past I have read reports of a few footballers dying of sudden cardiac death while playing. The mechanism is unknown. I sat out to investigate. Here are the result.

   The SinoAtrial(SA) node is the cardiac pacemaker. The AtrioVentricular(AV) node helps in conduction of impulses between the Atrium and ventricle. There is a bundle of nerve fibers which connect the musculature of the heart to these nodes. Even in normal persons such SA, AV nodes and AV bundles are very sensitive. They need to conduct and work throughout the life of a person.

   But in patients of sudden cardiac death, the SA node, AV node and AV bundle is hypersensitive and labile. In normal conditions, they work well. But if such a person is exposed to very high levels of toxins like alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, LSD, heroin etc., these toxins accumulate in the SA node, AV node and AV bundle making them very labile and unstable.

     This accumulation may or may not lead to any harmful effect in normal conditions. But if such a person puts in extra exertion in the next few days, the toxins hyper stimulate the SA node, AV node and AV bundle causing cardiac arrhythmias. Such arrhythmia particularly ventricular arrhythmias can lead to sudden cardiac death.

    Thus sudden cardiac death can be seen as a toxic manifestation of extra sensitive and labile SA node, AV node and AV bundle system. This can also be seen as a response of these hypersensitive parts of the heart to accumulated toxins in the blood to which these parts of the heart are exposed.

     Thus as a precaution all persons should avoid heavy intake of alcohol, nicotine, LCD, Cannabis, Heroin etc. before they undergo any physical exertion. This is particularly advisable to sportspersons for whom physical exertion is a professional hazard. They must test themselves for hypersensitivity to such drugs and avoid them if found hypersensitive to them. But as a general precaution all sportspersons should avoid such drugs before any sporting event when by default they are most excited and physically stress themselves the most.

     Even non-sportspersons must not expose themselves to any of these drugs before they do any amount of moderate to high physical exertion. Since the amount of physical exertion, which can lead to sudden cardiac death, can vary from person to person, people are advised to refrain from taking such drugs before any physical exertion either indoor or outdoor.

    There are many situations in which toxins may accumulate in the body. Such situations can include gastroenteritis, food poisoning, severe respiratory tract infections etc. In such a situation such accumulated toxins can concentrate to make the SA node, AV node and AV conducting tissue even more unstable and labile. In such cases even smaller doses of alcohol, nicotine etc. can lead to fatal ventricular arrhythmias due to cumulative toxicity.

    Thus patients suffering from such infections are advised to refrain from taking alcohol, nicotine, cannabis etc. This will protect them from sudden cardiac death. Bed rest is also advised in labile and unstable patients.
Avoid alcohol before playing
Avoid nicotine before playing
Avoid cannabis before playing
Avoid infections before playing
Avoid sudden cardiac death!

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