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                      POKE ME NOT PART 1

                            POKE ME NOT!

A child is born and we all wish that it would grow up to become a healthy adult and a responsible member of the society. But, for that to happen we have to give the child a healthy environment. But do we assess and protect the child as parents and society. I am writing this because on many occasions we fail to protect the child, which stifles its mental and physical health. We do not do enough research to find out from where the danger to the child lies.
  But I think the society in general and media in particular have failed to acknowledge the danger the homosexuals pose to children. Thus I have taken on myself to enlighten the society about it. What I am giving below is a very important modus operandi of the homosexuals to convert children into homosexuality and than claim from their rooftops that “homosexuality is innate and inborn”. Absolutely rubbish and nonsense.
The modus operandi that homosexuals use to convert a child into homosexuality or divert it towards homosexuality is as follows: -
  What these persons are, is that mostly these are respectable persons in the society, (who are generally married with children and are perceived as straight by others) in which they live, and are welcome in any home. They visit selected homes and whenever they are alone with a child, who is mostly a 0-4 years old child (but can be younger or older), they create a situation whereby they are alone with the child (like wanting tea or coffee etc.). They than insert their fingers in the child’s anus or anorectum and fondle with their genitals and body. They do it for whatever time they get. But one time is not enough to convert a child to homosexuality. They revisit the child over the next 2-3 years and repeat the procedure. In 10 -20 procedure times, the child is drafted into homosexuality.
  But, it has to be reinforced and this is usually done at school when a clearly homosexual child plays with such children and fondles with their penis or anus. They talk about anorectum and shit.
But the drafting is complete when in sexual age (usually above ten years), the delta sex of these children is lowered (sex drive is increased) by talk, small acts etc. and than a strong homosexual child or adult overpowers them and have homosexual sex with them. Now the conversion into homosexuality is complete and it’s almost impossible for such a child to come out of homosexuality. They repeat this act to reinforce. Other homosexuals around don’t allow the child to come out of this homosexual circle even if the child wanted to.
This is the mechanism by which homosexuals recruit others into homosexuality and increase their numbers.
 Now the important question is how to prevent this conversion into homosexuality. The simple method is never to allow anybody except the parents to touch the child, even the closest relatives. The relatives can talk and pat the child on the head but cannot take the child in their laps. Children should not be left with anybody alone and should be under the watchful eyes of their parents.
 When the children go to school, the child should be taught about such homosexual people, what a bad touch is and not to be alone with such children or others.
 In Sexual age, children should be taught about sex, what straight sex is and what is expected of them etc.

Thus, we see that homosexuality is not a matter of chance or birth but is an elaborate method, by which others are recruited into homosexuality, and once in this circle, they are not allowed to leave this circle.
Because children as young as less than a year are victims to this modus operandi of homosexuals and we know that such a child cannot talk. I know of children as young as 4 years to 8 years indulging in homosexual acts among themselves and with others, when homosexuals have used this modus operandi.
This homosexual modus operandi completely destroys the very core of child’s innocence and from the beginning such a child becomes the prisoner of homosexuality and homosexuals.
 To give an example, a few years back I was reading about Leonardo da Vinci, regarded by the homosexuals as the “ greatest whatever” of all times. In that, Leonardo da Vinci had clearly mentioned that he had nightmares and or remembrances, of bird pricking his anus with its beak. He was clearly remembering his childhood when some so called respectful visitor had come to his house and had poked his finger in his anus on repeated occasions. This was what Leonardo da Vinci was alluding to. This converted him into homosexuality and destroyed his intelligence and potential.
   In the end what Leonardo da Vinci was able to achieve is a few good paintings, one of which, his most famous, “Mona Lisa’ is the feminized version of his homosexual partner at that time.
 The truth is that homosexuals destroyed whatever potential Leonardo possessed in his childhood. When he grew up, all he could do was paint a few painting and sculpt a few naked men. There has seldom been a person who has achieved so little but has been credited with so much.
    It is difficult to calculate what Leonardo might have achieved if he was not homosexualized in his childhood. But it’s certain that his achievements would have been real and more than he was ever able to achieve as a homosexual. Leonardo is another excellent example of homosexual propaganda in which the homosexuals falsely propagate in the media a person’s great intelligence, when such a person is an overt homosexual. This is to attract others into homosexuality.
   Leonardo epitomizes both homosexual propaganda, and “poke method”  modus operandi of homosexuals, in which innocent children are grossly and shamelessly abused during childhood, their potential destroyed and what little they achieve is propoganded in the media and society as great intellect or whatever!
   To sit silently and turn a blind eye to this evil and cruel method of homosexuals, to convert children into homosexuality, is height of cowardice.
   We need to protect the children from homosexuals. In my opinion only the child’s parents have the right to cuddle the child. This should be made the rule and strictly enforced. No relative or otherwise should be allowed to cuddle the children. Children should not be left alone with others without the presence of parents. The children should be taught early (about 1 year) what a bad touch is.

In addition to the above Modus Operandi of homosexuals we must understand a very important scientific fact that humans have evolved on the planet Earth on different continental plates as different human species. Thus there are Human Babylonians, Human West Europeans, Human Africans, Human Asians, Human Australians, Human North Americans, Human South Americans who have originated and evolved on Mesopotamian continental Plate, West European continental plate, African continental plate, Asian continental plate, Australian continental plate, North American continental plate, South American continental plate respectively. These human species have different timelines of origin and evolution and differ genetically as well as culturally. 
Of these in Human Africans is present a very potent homosexual gene part associated with their Y chromosome and partly with the X chromosome. This Gene part is present in Human Asians and Human Australians but in a attenuated form. Because of this homosexual gene and the consequent culture they have developed, they use this anorectal poking method on their own children. This is their best kept secret. Because of this all Human Africans are homosexuals and similarly a significant proportion of Human Asians and Human Australians are also homosexual. Because it their intrinsic nature so they use it on children of other species also whenever they can. The migration of Human Africans and also Human Asians and Human Australians in the past two hundred years in general and last forty years in particular has led to a sharp rise in homosexuality around the world. Because wherever these people go they use this poking modus operandi on children wherever and whenever they can.
The only way to protect children in such places is to keep these people from children at all times and teach children about them. The uncontrolled migration of these people to civilised parts of the world should be checked and stopped immediately. They need to be walled off.
Protect the children from homosexuals, 
protect the future, 
and protect intelligence, 
save the child!
      This applies equally to both male and female children.


   Copyright   © Tanvir Nebuchadnezar


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