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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Natural Method to Increase Libido

Sometimes we tend to malign a few things without any conclusive scientific proof. Fructose is maligned and attributed as the cause of Insulin resistance, obesity, increased LDL ( Low Density Lipoprotein), increased triglycerides, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

    This insult to Fructose is in spite of the fact that Fructose is the first carbohydrate to be synthesised in the evolutionary chain and from which many other cellular components have been derived, for evolution to begin and than proceed.

  All these wrong attributes to Fructose are rather misplaced and Fructose can rightly be regarded as our friend. Any substance in very high quantities can be harmful to the body and so can Fructose. But to single out Fructose as the cause of so many diseases has no merit ( let Fructose alone, let it be).

 In spite of its pivotal role in the origin and evolution of life, Fructose has been replaced by Glucose as the energy currency of most living organisms.

  But still in humans, Fructose plays a very vital role in the procreation of the human species. Specifically Fructose is secreted by Seminal vesicles into the Semen, to provide nutrition to the sperms. This is because of the evolutionary role of the Fructose in the beginning of life, as it does today, catapulting the sperms to the ovum to begin new life, quite the same as it did billions of years back.

        Fructose is C6H12O6, just like Glucose but with a different structure. Its a simple ketonic monosaccharide, a 6 carbon polyhydroxy ketone. It combines with glucose to form Sucrose and is the sweetest carbohydrate.

            But apart from its nutritive role to the sperms, it performs another important sexual function. This sexual function is to increase the libido.

   I have defined Libido as the desire to have female-male sexual copulation which is backed by sufficient physical prowess so as to have as many times female-male sexual copulation as the mind wants. For this Libido definition to succeed in humans, one must have willing female-male sexual copulation partners, who have the necessary physical endowments to undergo as many female-male sexual copulations as they want.

   For the above to happen, male must be able to maintain erection for sufficiently long time to complete one set of female-male sexual copulation to satisfy both. Than again if the mind of the male or female wants to undergo another set of female-male sexual copulation, the female should be receptive and male should again have an erection for sufficient time to satisfy both.

  But climax involves the ejaculation of semen in male and vaginal fluids in female. Both semen and vaginal fluid contain fructose. Fructose not only provides nutrition to sperms but by its osmolar effect, attract water and increase volume of semen and vaginal fluid. This increased volume of semen and vaginal fluid, not only provides a swimming pool to the sperms to swim and float to the ovum but also provides fluid of ejaculation resulting in climax, resulting in a climax and a better and more enjoyable climax.

   Thus, fructose is necessary for climax and ultimate pleasure. But Fructose by imbibing fluids, distends the various vesicles and in the penis, scrotum, testes and clitoris, thus increasing the excitability of the penis and vagina.
     Hence, Fructose physically helps in erection and increasing libido.

  But, apart from direct physical effect, Fructose also stimulates the Limbic system in the brain, in humans, to cause greater sexual desire or libido.

  Thus, Fructose has  a psychogenic physical twin effect in increasing libido.

Though Fructose can be converted from glucose and others in the body but this quantity is limited because Fructose apart from genitalia is not needed much in the human body.

   But certain fruits, particularly fruits like Apple, Sapodilla (Chikoo), Grapes, Sugarcane, Pomegranate, Mango, Pears, red pulp inside Water Melon etc. have very good Fructose levels and is easily absorbed. These fruits provide absorbable Fructose which increases the libido. These fruits in addition may contain other stimulants to increase libido.

  Thus, if you want to increase your libido and have a comfortable competent female-male sexual copulation partner, these fruits are your best friends!

 Eat fruits
Increase libido naturally
Enjoy female-male sexual copulations!