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Saturday, 11 February 2017


Tanvir MedicalCare

                         BEAUTY IS SKIN DEEP

Some say that beauty is skin deep but is it? May be not. Beauty is a complex of various physical attributes of which skin is a part combined with mental attributes, which makes a person look beautiful to other persons. But we must admit that apart from face, height and figure, skin is a very important factor, when we calibrate the beauty of a person.

    Skin can be of various textures and colors. Both determine, how much beautiful we consider a person to be. A smooth skin is more attractive than a wrinkled or rough skin. Similarly skin color also determines a person’s attractiveness. This is because white color reflects light the most apart from mirror. Because we receive more reflected photons from a white skin, we are able to make more details of the person. More photons mean more excitation of the retina and consequently the brain. Thus in most cultures, white skin is considered more attractive than darker skin because of the above given reasons.

    Darker the skin, more the absorption of ambient light and lesser the reflection. This means less reflected photons are received by the observer and consequently it registers less details of the observed person. Also because the observer receives less reflected photons, its retina and consequently its brain is stimulated less.

     Thus lighter skin means more details and more excitation to the brain and the observer finds such a light skin person more exciting.
     Now less us consider the grades of skin color. Skin color can be graded from albino white to very dark. Even albino white is not completely white and there are shades in it but for human purposes can be considered top white. Now there are problems in determining top black because a perfectly black body absorbs all light falling on it. In humans we do not find such black. All black humans reflect some light and consequently excite the retina and brain to a degree.

    But the problem with very white is that you cannot observe such a person for very long as it starts to hurt the eyes because of over excitation of the retina and consequently the brain. So a notch lower white is acceptable because we can watch such a person for more prolonged periods of time.

      But if we grade albino at 1 white and the most black person on earth at 10. Than most humans will consider 3 to 5 range of whiteness as most attractive according to skin color. This is because such 3 to 5 range whiteness reflects sufficient light photons to see the details of the observed person and also excites the person’s brain.

      Thus if a person is in the 3 to 5 whiteness range, there is no purpose of using tanning creams and tanning. They are already the most attractive with regard to skin color. If they want to further beautify themselves, they must look at other aspects of beauty.

     Another aspect of tanning and tanning creams is that it cannot be uniformly done over the whole body. Those parts covered with clothes receive less sunlight and consequently remain lighter. Also we cannot apply an equal thickness of tanning cream over the body. The different thickness of cream applied, means they receive different amounts of sunlight, and consequent to such tanning becomes spotted, instead of being equally tanned all over.
     Another interesting aspect of sun tanning is that, naturally white people do not have the DNA to withstand tropical and direct sun. Tanning leads to breakdown and mutation of skin DNA leading to skin cancer. Thus though such white people can acquire tanned skin but they do not have the DNA to withstand prolonged direct sunlight. Black people have different skin DNA that can stand to tropical and direct sun, are consequently protected naturally.

     Thus my advice to white people is to avoid direct sunlight for tanning. If your white range is below 3, than slow tanning over many years without the use of tanning creams will give better outcome than quick tanning and tanning creams.

     Also direct sunlight on white skin destroys elastin tissue in the skin creating wrinkles and its consequent ugliness.

      Thus most white people do not require tanning and should avoid it unless absolutely necessary.

Stay natural and stay healthy

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